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Staff and managers alike agree that IMIS, which has been operating since the early 1990s – has approached the end of its useful life. In support of the Secretary-General's reform initiatives, the General Assembly has recognized the need to replace IMIS (Integrated Management Information System) with a new global and integrated system that is better suited to the Secretariat of today.

The project, which is in its preparatory phase and awaiting funding from the General Assembly, will replace IMIS and more than 260 other systems with a single-instance Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The new system will connect work processes consistently across organizational boundaries and provide up-to-date information on financial, human and physical resources, wherever they are located.

With peacekeeping operations and other field missions having grown in both size and complexity, it is essential to have an integrated system that can serve everyone's needs.

While the new ERP system is ICT-based, (Information and Communications Technology) it presents a significant opportunity for the UN Secretariat to streamline and simplify the operations of the entire organization through process re-engineering and implementation of best practices and standards. This will mean significant changes in the way we currently do business.

It is against this backdrop that the ERP Project Team is conducting a Change Readiness Survey to gauge the Secretariat's ability to undergo such a major transformation. The results of the survey will assist the Project Team to prepare appropriate change management strategies to ensure a smooth transition from the legacy systems to the new one.

The survey has been designed with three goals in mind:

  • Gather input from affected members of the UN Secretariat community (UNHQ, offices away from HQ and field missions),
  • Increase awareness of stakeholders about the project, and
  • Begin the process of building buy-in among stakeholders.

The survey is designed so that you can take less than 10 minutes to complete it. It is targeted at occupational groups that will be considerably impacted by the new system. They include administration, conference services, engineering, finance and budget, human resources, ICT, air and surface transport, logistics, procurement, programme management, security and central support services. At UNHQ, this includes all staff working in the Departments of Management, Field Support, General Assembly and Conference Management, Safety and Security, OIOS, CMP and all Executive Offices; in field missions and OAHs, all staff working in the Divisions of Mission Support and Administration respectively. Other interested staff members may also take the survey.

To access the survey please click on the following link:

For additional information on the ERP Project, please read the ERP Fact Sheet. Any questions or comments regarding the survey or the project can be sent to the following email:

Your survey responses will be confidential and anonymous. The aggregated findings will be published and used as a baseline for future exercises.

Please be sure to complete the survey by close of business Monday, 18 August 2008.

Thank you for your participation.

Originally published on iSeek on Friday, 15 August 2008, New York

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