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By now most of us have seen or heard the acronym "ERP", which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning – but are you familiar with what an ERP system is and what it will do to support the UN?

The ERP Project is an organization-wide effort to improve our administrative and operational functions by making them less complicated and more efficient. This, in turn, improves our ability to manage resources as well as to provide services to constituents and beneficiaries across the world. From a staff perspective, the ERP Project will help us to streamline current everyday processes as well as better share and access the information we produce. Over time, the ERP will replace a number of IT systems such as IMIS, Galileo, IMDIS, and Mercury.

The system and the project now need a name. Secretariat staff have been responsible for some of the most creative names so far such as Galaxy, Mercury, Galileo or the Fast-Forward Programme and the ERP Team would like to continue this tradition by challenging you to submit the most innovative name for this enterprise project.

As an incentive, the person who proposes the winning name will win an iPod Touch for his or her creative efforts!

The name should be easy to pronounce, easy to remember and should be reflective of the multilingual, diverse UN community that we all belong to. For example, current ERP systems implemented in other UN agencies and programmes have names such as ATLAS (UNDP), IRIS (ILO), and GSM (WHO).

Please send your suggestions to the ERP Project Team at by 30 October 2008. Your submission should include an explanation of why your proposed name is the most suitable name for the project and explanation of the acronym, if it is one.

Additional information on the ERP Project can be found below or within the Secretary-General's Report A/62/510/Rev.1.

We look forward to seeing your ideas!

Originally published on iSeek on Thursday, 23 October 2008, New York

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  • Give the ERP Project a name and win an iPod
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