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On 6 October 2009, during a closed meeting of the Fifth Committee of the General Assembly, an informal briefing on Umoja was provided by Ms. Angela Kane, Under-Secretary-General for Management and Mr. Paul van Essche, Umoja Project Director, in which they introduced the draft report: First Progress Report on the Enterprise Resource Planning Project and Revised Estimates under Section 28A, and under the Peacekeeping Support Account (A/64/380).

Ms. Kane provided a concise summary of the changes that have been introduced in the new report, bringing attention to the critical state of the organization's way of doing business and the pressing need to bring about lasting change and improve our processes:

"Challenges are acute across the Organization and especially in the field. This reality jeopardizes our operability, our accountability and thereby our credibility and reputation.

The time is overdue for a renewal that will bring processes, procedures, skills and systems up to levels that are considered minimal in other professional environments."

Mr. Van Essche wrapped up the session, summarizing the primary goals of Umoja, providing tangible examples for the delegates of the Fifth Committee, and finally driving home the key message:

"In short, the recipe for success is equal parts improvements in processes, the skills of people and the use of technology. People, process, technology. Umoja redefines all three. If you take one thing away from this briefing, please let this be it. This is the essence of Umoja."

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October 2009