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Do you know the 'colorful' term that is used to refer to the seemingly endless parade of paperwork that accompanies many bureaucratic matters in governments and organizations? According to some, it started in ancient England where thick legal documents were bound or tied with a cloth ribbon of a specific color.

The term appears in historical records of the 16th century when Henry VIII besieged Pope Clement VII with about eighty petitions for the annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon, and was later used by Charles Dickens and Thomas Carlyle.

Finally, the term became much more figurative in meaning and referred to any official routine or procedure marked by excessive complexities that result in delay or inaction.

So what is this 'colorful' term, which we find in so many bureaucracies? It is RED TAPE.

The Umoja team is working hard to ensure that the way the UN manages its resources in the future directly contributes to the goal of "Greening the UN" (as referenced on iSeek). Umoja will significantly reduce red tape through its streamlined processes and improved workflows. By leveraging modern technology, providing access to information online, and supporting electronic transactions, Umoja will further reduce paper, cartridge and power consumption.