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Umoja, the UN Secretariat's administrative reform initiative, is changing the way we work. Supported by a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Umoja will help to integrate and improve management of the Secretariat's human, financial, and physical resources. Achieving such an important reform means involving all of Umoja's stakeholders - from Subject Matter Experts to senior executives.

What Umoja NET is...

The Umoja team is making use of a modern, web-based collaborative tool called "Umoja NET", to help involve its diverse group of stakeholders across the global Secretariat. Umoja NET gives stakeholders direct online access to:

  • interact with the Umoja Team,
  • view design documents,
  • participate in events,
  • join discussion forums, and
  • provide feedback about the Umoja "to be" processes.

Umoja NET brings the world of Umoja to your desktop.

Working in unity...on Umoja NET

Umoja NET helps coordinate Umoja's outreach efforts. For example, from September to December 2009, over 450 staff members representing 25 different duty stations, participated in 147 detailed design sessions. During those sessions, participants helped the Umoja team develop streamlined processes that are responsive to the current and future needs of our Organization. All contributions were documented and compiled into process maps and solution presentations for each "to be" process.

Umoja NET helped the Umoja team coordinate participation and make the event schedules available online. Participants were able to log into "My Umoja" and view their personal schedule with event information, dates, descriptions, and locations.

The first release of solution materials was published this summer on Umoja NET. Stakeholders viewed these materials in their own virtual workspace in My Umoja. Subject Matter Experts from around the globe logged in to view the processes they helped design and to provide feedback through an online process survey. Their feedback is helping the Umoja team finalize the processes for review and acceptance by the responsible parties.

Umoja NET stakeholders personalized, up-to-date information. We will continue to leverage web-based technologies to engage Umoja's stakeholders in a cost-effective manner. We hope all Umoja stakeholders will continue to contribute the same level of hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm.

UN staff can visit the Umoja website to request an Umoja NET account:

Umoja is the way forward for a renewed and more effective UN Secretariat. Together we can build a better UN.

Re-published on iSeek on Friday, 22 October 2010, New York (EN FRANÇAIS)