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Over the holidays and through the first weeks of 2011, the Umoja team has continued to work through the design and review phase of the Umoja solution.

As many of you know, Umoja is the administrative reform initiative which will harmonize systems that handle financial, human and physical resources.

Umoja will enable all of us to do our jobs more quickly and efficiently – whether we work in administration, political affairs, public information or any other discipline.

Working with Subject Matter Experts throughout the Secretariat, Umoja has already identified and re-engineered over 300 business processes in the areas of finance, human resources, supply chain and central support services. The Subject Matter Expert community has expanded to nearly 600 UN staff members who have attended 242 design and review sessions.

Subject Matter Experts and Umoja are analyzing how the UN works today and re-engineering processes into improved "to be" versions for the future. To date, over 200 "to be" processes have been released for review. All staff can see and comment on these processes; presentations about each process are available on Umoja NET, Umoja's online portal. Log in and get a glimpse of our future way of working.

If you're not already an Umoja NET member, visit Umoja's public website to request an account. Once your registration is confirmed, you can access the Umoja Solution to view presentations on all released processes and give us your feedback.

If you have questions, contact Umoja at (212) 963-2120 or email

Learn about Umoja today. Preview the future Umoja Solution get involved and help create a more effective United Nations.

The future is online!

Umoja's public website:

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Originally published on iSeek on Tuesday, 15 February 2011, New York