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Conference and event management staff from Nairobi, Geneva, Vienna and Addis Ababa, as well as several UNHQ Departments (DGACM, DM, DPI) gathered in New York recently for a three-day workshop (4-6 May) to learn about Umoja's progress in re-engineering processes that support UN conference and event planning.

The Umoja team has been examining our current administrative processes, technology and policies across the United Nations and identifying opportunities for improvement. They have documented 318 processes and are finalizing their endorsement and acceptance with Umoja's Steering Committee.

Umoja's Event Management Track has worked with a wide range of staff to understand all user requirements. Together they are assessing whether Umoja should integrate with existing systems. The overarching goal is to give event managers the best possible tools for planning !and managing their meetings and events.

At this workshop, nearly 50 participants learned about Umoja's proposed technical structure and functionality. They saw Umoja "storyboards" - series of screen shots that illustrate how a staff member would accomplish specific actions - like scheduling of resources.

"It was a highly effective meeting of the minds" said Anne Matthews, Team Lead for Umoja's Central Support Services Team. "We received crucial feedback from the people that we need to hear from in Offices Away from Headquarters and in DPI, DM and DGACM. There were excellent questions and concerns posed from participants. We're already incorporating their comments into our work" added Matthews.

The workshop was also a success from the participants' perspectives; on a post-workshop !questionnaire, 89 per cent of respondents said they were "very" or "extremely" satisfied with it. Syed Shamsie from Geneva welcomed the opportunity to meet face-to face with the Umoja team and reported that he learned a lot: "the workshop helped in developing a very good understanding of common processes and data between Umoja and DGACM's global IT applications."

The Umoja team thanks all workshop participants for their input and collaboration. To see more photos from the event, check out Umoja's Facebook page:

All conference and event management staff (and all UN staff) are invited to see Umoja's progress by logging in to Umoja NET at, a password-protected site. Request an account here ( Once your registration is confirmed, visit the Umoja Solution page, look for event management processes and send in your feedback.

If you have questions, contact Umoja at (212) 963-4140 or e-mail

Originally published on iSeek in English and French on 16 May 2011