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Recently Umoja hosted colleagues from DFS to consult and collaborate on the strategy for deployment. Over two days on 19-20 January, Ian Divers, Umoja OIC, and his team led intensive discussions in New York with senior representatives from MONUSCO, UNAMID, the Global Service Centre at Brindisi and the Regional Support Centre at Entebbe, as well as OUSG/DFS and the IPSAS Team (the International Public Sector Accounting Standards initiative). The purpose of the meeting was to validate Umoja's deployment approach with colleagues, to introduce local preparatory activities that will enable deployment (including training and change management activities), and to work together to identify dependencies, risks and mitigating measures.

Umoja is tasked with transforming the way the UN manages financial, human and material resources through a single organization-wide system. The first phase of the project (Umoja Foundation) will be deployed at a pilot site in early 2013 and will be continually rolled-out through 2014, while the second phase (Umoja Extension) will be deployed in 2015, realizing the full power of the system's technology and bringing about comprehensive improvements to UN resource management. As the initiative prepares to build and deploy, collaboration with stakeholders across the global Secretariat will become ever more critical.

The frank insight and advice of workshop participants, particularly in relation to the deployment schedule, the Umoja pilot, deployment roles and responsibilities, and the preparation and delivery of end-user training will benefit Umoja greatly. The Umoja team will take the results of the workshop into account when finalizing the deployment strategy. Umoja is grateful to the participants for their active engagement and constructive approach.

Going forward, Umoja will run a similar workshop at the beginning of February with colleagues from the Offices Away from Headquarters, and other entities in Geneva, before bringing its final deployment strategy to the Umoja Steering Committee for approval.

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Originally published on iSeek in English and French on 31 January 2012

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