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Representatives from field missions attended a workshop hosted by Umoja at the United Nations Global Support Center in Brindisi, Italy from 12 to 17 November 2012. These representatives have been nominated by Chiefs/Directors of Mission to serve as Umoja Site Coordinators who will lead the teams responsible for the deployment of Umoja in their respective missions. They will work closely with the Umoja global deployment team in New York.

The purpose of the workshop was to equip the Umoja Site Coordinators with the knowledge required to support the Chiefs/Directors of Mission Support in preparation for the deployment of the Umoja solution. The participants learned how to execute critical deployment preparation tasks and activities, and how to support and monitor progress using the site readiness plans. Key activities include testing, data collection and cleansing, communications, role mapping, and training.

Feedback from the participants was quite positive.

Scott Hamlin, Chief General Supply Unit (UNMISS):

"I'm very excited to see the reduction of some legacy systems into a standardized ERP product, which will allow information to be shared and used throughout the UN business operations. It is exciting to be on the front end of a huge change to the way the UN is going to be doing business on a day-to-day basis!"

Godwin Oguzie, Chief General Services, (ONUCI):

"Today, we can feel the results of all the efforts that have gone into developing the Umoja solution. We can certainly feel that Umoja is actually here with us and we can but commend all those who have spent so much energy to get us where we are today. This workshop is indicative of the amount of work that has gone into building Umoja.

Leveraging on the solutions of Umoja, the Organization will benefit from the more intuitive approach of doing business and staff members will experience with great satisfaction the power of cutting-edge technology.

The Site Coordinators have been given the responsibility of driving the change in their respective locations. It is very evident that all are very committed, they cannot offer anything less. The energy from the workshop moderators makes it impossible to be impassive. It is expected that, working as a team, dedicated and supporting each other, Umoja will be a great success story for the United Nations."

About Umoja

Umoja, the Secretariat's administrative reform initiative that will change how we work, how we conduct our business, and how we manage our resources, will begin its implementation in mid-2013, with a pilot in UNIFIL and UNSCOL. Umoja will change the way we do a wide variety of activities from ordering materials and tracking inventory to performing all of our financial activities and managing projects. It will also impact the way we manage our assets, our people-related activities and various other processes.

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Originally published on iSeek in English and French on 23 November 2012, New York

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