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As a UN staff member, you may be familiar with one or more of the following scenarios: trying to order office supplies for your team and encountering administrative hurdles; struggling to monitor your section's budget or expenses using outdated software; filling out paper based forms and memos for entitlements and benefits...

Do you ever think: "There must be a better way!"?

Umoja is coming and it will be a better way to get the work done.

Over the next three years, the new ERP platform will be rolled out across the entire Organization, changing the way we conduct all administrative, financial, and logistical procedures. By 2016, the UN Secretariat will have transitioned to Umoja as our central administrative solution, leaving behind multiple outdated and disconnected systems that UN Staff have been using over the years.

With the overhaul of UN procedures beginning in 2013, the Umoja team is now making it a top priority to educate, engage, and inform staff members about the future of UN administration.

This effort is led by Umoja's Organizational Change Management team (Umoja/OCM), focusing on two areas:

  • Communication and Engagement and
  • Umoja Training

Communication and Engagement develops awareness and understanding of future changes that all UN staff members can expect in their work areas, through:

  • Umoja NET: the online portal open to all UN Staff Members.
  • Umoja Times: a newsletter sent out regularly on a monthly basis
  • Information Sessions: scheduled in advance or on an ad hoc basis as requested by different departments.

Umoja is also establishing a change network of individuals from throughout the UN who will serve as advocates to establish support of and commitment to Umoja. The network includes stakeholders at the management level, such as Process Owners, as well as individuals at the site-level, such as Site Coordinators.

Umoja Training will prepare UN staff members to perform their work using Umoja by building knowledge and skills well in advance of the transition. The Umoja Training program will include instruction in both the new system and business processes. Training will begin a few months before Umoja "go-live". The training program includes a variety of methods:

  • Instructor-Led Trainings,
  • Computer-Based Trainings,
  • Simulation Learning, and
  • Quick-Reference Guides.

 Originally published on iSeek in English and French on 5 December 2012, New York

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