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On the occasion of “100 Days until Umoja Pilot at UNIFIL and UNSCOL” Umoja held a special event in the Secretariat Lobby at UN Headquarters inNew Yorkon Monday 25 March at 12:00 noon, moderated by Ernesto Baca, Assistant Secretary-General of Umoja.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon unveiled an Umoja countdown clock, one of two such clocks installed at UN Headquarters to ensure the Umoja deployment timeline is prominently visible.

There was a large turnout of Staff and Delegates at the event, reflecting the level of interest and enthusiasm in regards to the changes Umoja will bring to the way the UN works.

By 2016 the entire United Nations Secretariat will have transitioned to Umoja as its central administrative solution, leaving behind multiple and fragmented operating models.

In his remarks, the Secretary-General expressed his support for Umoja, stressing its importance to his UN management reform agenda, saying: “In our fast-changing world, the United Nations needs a new way of managing its resources to operate efficiently, meet Member States’ mandates and credibly report results.  Umoja is designed to help harmonize the way we work around the world, providing a single data repository with reliable, real-time information.

Umoja is far more than an IT project; it is an organizational transformation that will enable high-quality and cost-effective service delivery around the world. At a time of growing financial pressure, Umoja will allow the United Nations to meet increasing demands, provide better controls and transparency, and empower staff members to make decisions more effectively”. 

Under-Secretary-General Yukio Takasu, head of the United Nations Department of Management and Project Owner of Umoja, spoke of the pressing need for the Organization to adopt a harmonized mode of operation throughout the UN Secretariat, and stressed the utmost importance of preparing the Secretariat for the changes ahead.

The USG said: “Umoja is a journey we must undertake collectively as an Organization... We need the commitment of all UN staff to ensure its success (which) will depend upon major cultural changes in every part of the Organization.. It is absolutely critical that the staff and managers of all departments and offices actively and wholeheartedly support Umoja”.

Ambassador Miguel Berger, Deputy Permanent Representative of Germany and Chair of the Fifth Committee of the General Assembly also addressed the event on behalf of the United Nations Member States, welcoming the aims of Umoja which are to simplify administrative processes and real-time data to better serve the needs of Member States and other UN constituents. He congratulated Umoja for “getting back on track” after the challenges it faced over the past few years.

The full recording of the event is now available via UN Webcast.

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