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April 2013 Newsletter

The April 2013 Umoja Newsletter is now published and available here!

April 2013
Umoja means “unity” in Swahili. It will streamline all administrative processes throughout the UN Secretariat, facilitated by the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

SGUmoja Countdown Clock Unveiled by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

On the occasion of “100 Days until Umoja Pilot at UNIFIL and UNSCOL” Umoja held a special event in the Secretariat Lobby at UN Headquarters in New York on Monday 25 March at 12:00 noon, when Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon unveiled an Umoja countdown clock, one of two such clocks installed at UN Headquarters to "remind us that we all have a role to play in managing the transition to a new way of working"... Read More

“Umoja Open Day” held at UNIFIL

On 3 April, UNIFIL hosted an "Umoja Open Day" for colleagues from UNIFIL and UNSCOL. The event was organized in the format of an exhibition, focusing on the major changes that Umoja will bring to the way business is conducted at UNIFIL and UNSCOL. About 200 staff members from UNIFIL and UNSCOL had the opportunity to preview the Umoja system... Read More

Umoja Benefit Spotlight: One Repository of Information Across the Secretariat

The Umoja solution represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve the way the United Nations works. As referenced by the Secretary-General in a recent speech on Umoja, “Umoja is designed to help harmonize the way we work around the world providing a single data repository with reliable and real-time information”... Read More

Timeline: when will Umoja reach you?

Umoja will be deployed across the Organization in phases. Download the latest Umoja Fact Sheet in PDF or check out the latest timeline on the Umoja website to find out when Umoja will be deployed at your location.

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