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The objective of the Umoja Training program is to prepare UN staff to use the solution once Umoja deploys at their duty station.

The Umoja Training program will include instruction in both general SAP navigation and Umoja-specific business processes. In general, Staff will be trained approximately 4-6 weeks prior to Umoja go-live at their site.

Umoja training will be comprised of computer-based courses (on the Inspira e-learning platform) followed by instructor-led training.

For UN Staff: review the "Umoja: Taking an E-Learning Course" guide here.

New! We are pleased to provide a sneak peek at two Umoja computer-based training courses, which will be offered to UN Staff who have been identified as users of the new solution:

Check out this brand new Umoja training demo:


What is offered in the Umoja Training Curriculum?


The training curriculum for Umoja (Foundation) Pilot  is comprised of courses divided into three levels, with each level providing progressively more detailed learning and specialization.

The Umoja Training program includes general SAP navigation and Umoja-specific business processes.
Computer-based courses (Levels I and II) will be delivered via the Inspira e-learning platform, followed by instructor-led courses (Level III) which will be delivered in person and in a classroom.

Provides a one-slide description of each Umoja Training course offered for Umoja’s Pilot deployment. Read more about the courses that you will take as part of Umoja Training.

Provides a mapping of Enterprise Roles to Umoja Training Courses. Identify those training courses you will be required to take based on the Enterprise Roles you have been assigned to.

A blended learning approach is used to deliver training. To accommodate different learning requirements and facilitate knowledge transfer, Umoja Training will use:

  • Level III instructor-led courses including handouts and job aids

How is Umoja training delivery planned?

In general, on-site end-user training will be scheduled four to six weeks prior to each Go-Live date. The Umoja implementation schedule including Go-Live dates by cluster is available here on Umoja NET.

For Umoja (Foundation) Pilot at UNIFIL and UNSCOL, training will take place from 3 June through mid July 2013.

To begin learning Umoja terminology visit the glossary (please note this will continue to evolve as the training content is developed).

Where do I go for help after training?

First, please read the Frequently Asked Questions on our website

For technical questions about Inspira and the e-learning platform, please go to the Inspira website and follow their instructions for technical help

For Umoja training related questions regarding the training curriculum, Enterprise Roles, or other questions, please email us at and include the word TRAINING in the subject line.

We are also working on a "communities of practice" space where trainees can interact with each other and ask questions. Please stay tuned for more information.