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On Tuesday 28 May 2013 there was an Umoja Global Townhall Meeting for all UN staff, led by USG Yukio Takasu of the Department of Management, USG Ameerah Haq of the Department of Field Support, ASG Ernesto Baca of Umoja and ASG Catherine Pollard of the Office of Human Resource Management.

Following a brief presentation on Umoja, its vision, governance, and key changes it will bring to the Organization and work of Staff, the floor was opened to questions from UN Offices and Entities, Regional Commissions and select Peacekeeping Missions via video-conference, and from the audience in New York. 


The questions raised focused on how staff members' roles and job descriptions will change; how the proposed benefits of Umoja up to $220 million will be realized without affecting staff; and the need to consider local realities when developing and delivering training.

In their responses, Management emphasized that while the Organization will provide opportunities to staff for training and re-assignment, cooperation of staff and their willingness to learn new skills and functions are critical for a successful transition to the new business model. They also reiterated the their full commitment to engage and consult with UN Staff as impact on staff and posts become clearer.

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