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Four years of the Umoja plan, design and build phases are finally coming to fruition!

After completing multiple cycles of  Umoja testing, including Functional Acceptance Testing (FATs), Product Integration Testing (PITs), and a final comprehensive cycle of User Verification Testing (UVT), involving hundreds of UN Staff working intensely around the globe, Umoja Process Owners and UN Senior Management have reviewed the results of the final cycle of testing and given their approval, signing off on the readiness of the Umoja (Foundation) solution.

This means that Umoja (Foundation) has been approved to "go-live" for Pilot Deployment at the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL)and the Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon (UNSCOL), with support from UN Headquarters, on 1 July 2013.

Umoja is a state-of-art Enterprise Resource Planning solution using SAP software, which will centralize and harmonize all transactions and use of data throughout the UN Secretariat.

The solution and its databases will operate from servers located at the UN Global Support Centre in Valencia and will be accessed remotely from staff's workstations all UN duty stations, utilizing the most advanced methods of data security available today to ensure the UN database is thoroughly protected.

We thank  the hundreds of UN staff members, Umoja Process Owners,  Business Readiness Managers, and in pearticular our colleagues at UNIFIL, DFS/ICTD, UNGSC (Brindisi and Valencia) and OICT for their effective support, allowing us to achieve this milestone after several years of intense work and complex challenges.

The total number of Umoja users for Pilot is 400 UN staff members who as of 1 July will become end users of the new solution and begin to use Umoja as one central tool for UNIFIL and UNSCOL procurement, logistics and financial transactions, replacing multiple systems such as ProcurePlus, Mercury, Sun and IMIS.

On 1 October 2013, an additional 16 UN Peacekeeping Missions supported by the Department of Field Support, will also deploy Umoja (Foundation) in a "big bang" phase of deployment, increasing the total number of Umoja end-users to over 3000 UN Staff Members by the end of the year.

Throughout 2014, multiple UN offices around the world, including Headquarters in New York, will deploy Umoja (Foundation) as well as Umoja (Extension) to expand  the solution's scope to cover payroll and entitlements, with thousands additional end-users at every duty station.

By July 2015 all UN Secretariat entities, offices and duty stations will deploy Umoja, taking the UN into the 21st century with the appropriate technology and data security to bring the Organization in line with best practices so it can continue to provide high quality and rapid services around the world.