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The Umoja Pilot went live almost three weeks ago at the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) and the Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon (UNSCOL). 

Symbolizing the transition from the planning phase, to live implementation in the field, the project tagline has been officially changed from “Umoja: Making it Happen” to “Umoja: It’s Happening”, and the Umoja logo and brand have been revised accordingly.

The first deployment of Umoja includes Procurement, Finance, Budget, and Asset Management, a set of functionalities known as Umoja Foundation. It is replacing legacy software including IMIS, Mercury, Procure-Plus and working in parallel with Galileo for the time being.

Next year, Umoja will begin to roll out functionalities related to HR, travel and personnel entitlements, under Umoja Extension, at all UN offices across the globe.

Since the “go-live” of the Pilot in Lebanon, approximately 348 users have successfully logged in to ECC and an additional 174 have logged in to SRM to perform transactions in the areas of Procurement, Finance, Budget and Asset Management.

As of 17 July, 166 of 311 raised service requests have been resolved and a total of 145 service requests, 8 of which are of a "High" status, remain open in iNeed. Local helpdesks at each location are working together with DFS, OICT and ICC to resolve technical issues experienced by users.

The UNIFIL site coordination team credits the success of the Pilot Deployment to the leadership of Mr. Girish Sinha, the DMS of UNIFIL, who enabled his Mission to prepare for Umoja through strong leadership and guidance.

UNIFIL has kindly made their Umoja related materials available to all UN staff to review on their SharePoint site 

Intense preparations are now underway by the Umoja teams in New York and across the globe for the deployment of Umoja to an additional 13 Peacekeeping Missions and 3 Special Political Missions on 1 October. An additional 2,500 UN staff members are expected to be trained and using Umoja by the end of the year.

In the interest of helping the Missions prepare for Umoja Deployment and to allow all UN Staff Members peruse the Umoja Curriculum and Training Courses in advance, we have made all Umoja course materials available effective immediately on the Umoja website at

Umoja thanks all colleagues at UNIFIL, UNSCOL, DFS/ICTD, ICC, OPPBA, OCSS, OHRM and OICT for their hard work and close collaboration on Umoja deployment.