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Umoja, the new Enterprise Resource Planning solution, will be deployed across the global Secretariat in phases between 2013-16, in order to allow the Organization to absorb change at a tolerable rate, and address some of the risks associated with deploying a comprehensive solution in a global organization.

You can see the timeline for deployment across the global UN Secretariat at the Umoja website.

Umoja (Foundation), which manages accounting, procurement and logistics, replacing numerous legacy systems such as IMIS, Mercury and SUN in the field, will go live on 1 November at 14 Peacekeeping Missions.

Several UN offices and departments are working closely together in order to prepare the information technology resources, staff and infrastructure across the Secretariat to support the new ERP solution.

From 2 - 13 September 2013, representatives from the Service Desks at the Peacekeeping Missions met at the United Nations Support Base (UNSB) in Valencia to attend a “Umoja Support Workshop for Service Desk Staff”.

A group of 45 participants from Peacekeeping, Special Political Missions and the Offices Away from Headquarters, UN Offices at Vienna and UN Offices at Nairobi took part in the session.

The overall purpose of the workshop was to prepare service desk staff in all different aspects of Umoja. OICT, DFS, Umoja, ICC and UNOPS combined their efforts to deliver modules on iNeed, Citrix Architecture, an overview of Umoja Business Processes and SAP environment.

After Umoja deployment, the Peacekeeping Mission and DFS Service Desks will provide centralised Tier 1 support for the Umoja production environment using the Enterprise based iNeed system as the first point of contact for Umoja end-users to access Umoja support and will be responsible for logging and for initial assessment of all Umoja related incidents and or requests.