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Umoja will reform the way finance, resources and assets are managed across the Organization. It represents a once in a generation opportunity to streamline the way we work, by replacing fragmented and outdated legacy software systems and introducing a unified approach to conducting UN business.

In Nairobi, the implementation of Umoja has been supported by a unique collaboration between the Peacekeeping Mission UN Support Office for AMISOM (UNSOA) and the UN Office in Nairobi (UNON). 

Due to its complexity and scope, Umoja is rolling out across the Secretariat in phases of functionality and location. The first group of entities which will implement the new solution are 14 Peacekeeping Missions who will deploy Umoja (Foundation) focusing on procurement, supply chain and logistics, on 1 November 2013.

Since UNSOA is housed at the same complex as other UN offices in the UN Gigiri complex in Nairobi, including UNON, which is scheduled to deploy Umoja on 1 July 2014, a unique partnership has developed between the UN Offices in Nairobi to enable all offices there to participate in the preparatory process and gain an early exposure to the Umoja solution benefits.

This is a welcome development compared to past implementations as the Umoja deployment was seen by all parties in Nairobi as an opportunity for collaboration and improved results.

When Umoja goes live in UNSOA on 1 November, staff at both UNSOA and UNON will have benefitted from training in Umoja in the newly established Information Technology Learning Lab at the complex in Gigiri, including training in SAP functionality and transactions.

The Umoja training curriculum includes e-learning modules on the inspira platform, classroom instruction, videos and helpful simulations and the Umoja practice training environment.

Additional equipment will be added to the Learning Lab at UNON in the coming months with the aim of providing computer and web based virtual training for staff in other areas as well.

While UNSOA will see the results sooner, on 1 November, UNON is already benefitting from the valuable lessons and insights of the Mission in preparation for 1 July 2014.  The collaboration between UNON and UNSOA highlights the One UN approach and the unity of purpose that is captured in the name and spirit of Umoja.