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Umoja is changing the Organization’s way of working and comprehensive knowledge of the system is required.

The Umoja Academy was therefore established to develop a greater degree of Umoja expertise across the Organization. Participants receive intensive customized training programmes composed of different learning modules.

One of the Umoja Academy tracks is geared towards creating a cadre of specialists known as Local Process Experts (LPEs), who can support the deployment of Umoja, and train and support end users at each UN location. Through the Academy, LPEs become fully familiar with all aspects of the Umoja solution and gain a fundamental understanding of “end to end” scenarios.

After completing all relevant learning modules, candidates are officially certified as Local Process Experts. Learning modules comprise the support of Umoja deployment activities such as testing and data conversion, development of training content and/or Job Aids, attendance of deep dive training and, finally, a successful completion of a rigorous assessment test.

The first generation of Local Process Experts has recently been certified after completing all learning modules and assessments of their functional areas. Training of these Local Process Experts was conducted as a joint effort by the Department of Field Support (DFS) and the Umoja team, with the support of the United Nations Global Service Centre (UNGSC) in Brindisi, Italy and the Regional Service Centre in Entebbe, Uganda. We are thus happy and proud to announce the following certifications:

  • Anna Elyseeva (Financial Accounting)
  • Barbara Massa (Funds and Cost Management)
  • Gianluca Melpignano (Procurement and Commercial Activities)
  • Kadri Abazi (Treasury and Cash Management)
  • Paolo Peruzzi (Procurement and Commercial Activities)
  • Sam Cassista (Procurement and Commercial Activities)
  • Sasa Murganic (Procurement and Commercial Activities)
  • Vincenzo de Leo (Treasury and Cash Management)
  • Vito Musa (Procurement and Commercial Activities)


This team based in the UNGSC, provided support to all field missions during and after the Umoja implementation in the field. Their contribution to the successful adoption of the system in the field cannot be over-stated. More Local Process Experts are expected to be certified shortly and we are very thankful for their commitment and efforts. Local Process Experts are key success factors for the proper adoption of Umoja throughout the Organization.

In order to find out more about becoming a LPE through the Umoja Academy, please consult with your local Umoja deployment team and visit the Umoja Academy page on iSeek. To see when your entity will deploy Umoja please visit the interactive Umoja deployment timeline.

Posted on iSeek (the UN Intranet), 26 Sept. 2014