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Key Changes Enabled by Umoja

As you already know, Umoja is the innovative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution being deployed across the global Secretariat this year. But, did you know that Umoja represents a leap forward for the Organization in the area of Transparency; Efficiency; and Benefits to Staff?

By consolidating countless administrative processes and transactions in one centralized software solution, including but not only: financial accounting, procurement, supply chain, warehousing, grants, programme management, HR and entitlements, payroll, time and attendance, etc. Umoja will help propel the UN Organization into the 21st century and bring our business practices in line with those used by other leading organizations around the world.

Umoja will affect staff at the UN in varying degrees ways, depending on their role within the Organization. For example, those who work in Procurement, Accounting or HR Administration will likely use Umoja more actively throughout the day than those working in Statistics, Public Information or Political Affairs, as they will conduct most transactions in the new solution.

However, all UN Staff will be asked to use Umoja extensively to manage their personnel information through Self-Service, including personal information, time and attendance, travel, entitlements, etc and all Managing Supervisors will use Umoja Self-Service to approve requests and manage their staff and units.

It is important to remember that Umoja is bringing high-level changes and improvements to the Organization which are unprecedented in the history of the United Nations:




Transparency: Currently, the UN conducts its business using numerous disparate (outdated) software systems which do not “talk to each other”, making it difficult to achieve transparency about how the UN operates. Umoja will streamline all our critical information into a centralized software solution that will provide visibility into the details of UN operations—empowering Staff, Managers and Member States to make more informed, real time and data-driven decisions to best carry out our mandates.


Efficiency: Moving to a centralized, computerized, state of the art ERP solution will unify all business processes, transactions, audit trails, reporting and data, leading significant cost savings, gains in productivity, and efficiencies in resource management.


Staff: Umoja will automate a wide range of administrative tasks that previously required inordinate amount of time and staff resources, enabling us to shift staff’s focus onto higher value analytical, planning and strategic work.


To learn more about Umoja and how it is changing the way the UN works, please visit our website