Access for UN staff only


Umoja will offer Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service as well as streamlined paper-smart management of UN procurement, logistics, finances, grants, real estate processes and more.

With just two weeks to go until Umoja deploys at OCHA, UNEP, UNON, UNHABITAT, ESCAP and UNAKRT offices around the globe (Cluster 3), preparations are now at full speed ahead to prepare 5000 UN Staff Members who will become new Umoja users to get up and running on the new ERP solution.

Umoja and OHRM have collaborated on several products to support Umoja users and offices going live on 1 June 2015:

  • Change Discussion Guides are also available on the Umoja website to facilitate conversations between Supervisors and their teams about the changes that Umoja will bring to our work. All staff and managers are encouraged to engage in change conversations using these materials.
  • There are three colorful new posters available on the Umoja website promoting awareness of the upcoming deployment on 1 June featuring the new functions Umoja provides to staff.

  • Umoja has issued a User Login Quick Guide for Cluster 3 which provides a checklist of steps to help new users login to Umoja for the first time.
  • Finally, Umoja is pleased to introduce "The Hub": a new online Resource Center for Umoja users, trainers and IT professionals

    on Unite Connections. The name The Hub was selected through a poll of all UN Staff to reflect the Umoja Resource Center as an interactive hub of Umoja knowledge and support, including a User Manual in wiki format and forums to ask and answer questions.

Visit the Umoja website to view all the latest materials and tutorials for Staff.