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Umoja Goes Live in Nairobi

On 2 June 2015, the Umoja Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution went live for the 6500 staff members of UNEP, UNON, UN-HABITAT, OCHA, ESCAP and UNAKRT (Cluster 3), bringing the total number of Umoja users to 14.500, in 300 locations worldwide.

The participants of the “Go Live Event” in Nairobi welcomed the news with a standing ovation, recognizing the efforts of the implementing team.

Speaking at the event, UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon said that the introduction of Umoja constitutes an unprecedented administrative reform of the UN Secretariat, adding that the new system will make the United Nations fit for purpose in the 21st century.

UNON Director General praised the Nairobi Deployment Group (NDG) for their relentless work to successfully complete a task of unprecedented magnitude in UNEP’s history. She emphasized that the true purpose of Umoja – which means unity in Kiswahili – is contained in its name. In this crucial year for international cooperation, it is a symbol of the UN delivering as one on its promise – being at the frontline of the world’s collective efforts to reinvent its future.

UN Assistant Secretary-General and Director of Umoja ERP Project, Ernesto Baca seconded that thought, saying that Umoja is not an end to itself and its real effect will be measured by the positive difference it makes for the UN in delivering on its mission.

Umoja is a state-of-art Enterprise Resource Planning solution using SAP software, which will integrate and harmonize all transactions and use of data throughout the UN Secretariat. It replaces IMIS and countless other legacy systems in place across the Secretariat and offers Employee and Manager Self-Service for streamlined and paper-smart UN management, administration and logistics. Umoja represents an organizational transformation that will enable high-quality and cost-effective service delivery to the Organization’s many beneficiaries around the world.

By the end of the year, the number of UN Staff Members using Umoja will reach 50,000, when the system deploys at UNHQ, UNOV, UNOG and all other OAHs (Cluster 4).