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Umoja is currently experiencing an "overall budget exceeding" system error when processing a second or subsequent down payment against Implementing Partner Purchase Orders.
This issue was escalated with a high priority to SAP. Umoja has received an "SAP note" to resolve the system error. However, a few days are needed to complete the necessary tests prior to moving the fix to the production environment.  

Scenario A | Interim financial statement received from the Implementing Partner with a request to process a second or subsequent down payment 

Solution | Do not enter service entry sheets from Implementing Partner until the system fix has been moved to the production environment
(i)      A scanned copy of the expenditure report received from the Implementing Partner should be attached by the substantive offices when requesting a second or subsequent down payment for the Implementing Partners, as appropriate.
(ii)    The respective Accounts Office will process the second or subsequent down payments in line with the agreed schedule of payments without processing the service entry sheet in Umoja.   
(iii)  Once the solution from SAP is implemented, OAHs/Departments will be informed to enter and process the respective service entry sheets.
(iv)  No final payment should be made to the Implementing Partner before all service entry sheets have been entered and processed in Umoja.


Scenario B | Service entry sheet received and entered/approved with a request to process a second or subsequent down payment

Solution | Escalate all urgent cases to the Grants Management team through your respective Accounts offices for assistance in processing the payment requests 
(i)      The substantive offices will submit the urgent requests for second and subsequent down payments for the Implementing Partners.
(ii)    The Accounts Offices will designate a Downpayment Creator and Downpayment Approver to work with the Umoja team to process these down payments.
(iii)  Through the designated focal points, the respective Accounts Offices will consolidate and submit the urgent cases to their GM focal point in Umoja.
(iv)  The consolidated submission must include the iNeed ticket raised for the specific case.
The Umoja Team will provide updates once this issue has been resolved.