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What are business processes?

Business processes are sets of tasks performed to achieve outcomes in an organization. They describe how staff and resources are used to execute tasks and deliver results.

The Umoja team together with Subject Matter Experts from around the Secretariat have streamlined and documented the Organization's business processes to be implemented through the Umoja ERP.

The figure below depicts a general "procure to pay" process before an ERP implementation.

Issues with this decentralized, multi-system process include the following:

  • "silo" applications
  • redundant workload
  • labor intensive
  • inconsistent data quality
  • weak controls
  • ad-hoc approvals
  • geographically locked
  • lack of central reporting and transparency
  • lack of consistency across "sites"

In an ERP version of this process, an organization benefits from:

  • data being entered once and shared centrally
  • worklow enforcing internal controls and segregation of duties
  • real-time reporting and access to analytics

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