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Ernesto Baca joined Umoja as interim Project Director on 27 February 2012. Previously he served as Chief Information Officer and Director, Information Technology and Management Services Divisions at the World Food Programme. Mr. Baca implemented WFP's IPSAS-compliant and SAP-based enterprise resource planning solution. He also led the United Nations Emergency Telecommunications Cluster and TransCent (Business Transformation Centre), which supports UN organizations in implementing ERP solutions and adopting IPSAS.

Mr. Baca also has decades of experience in general management, marketing, information technology and telecommunications in the private sector. He worked at IBM for 14 years where he led the implementation of the order fulfillment systems in 15 countries in Latin America, South East Asia and Oceania. Later he served at IBM headquarters in New York where he managed the IT organization for Latin America and the Far East. His next assignment was Marketing Manager - in charge of developing and implementing the corporation's strategy to sell and deliver IT professional services in Latin America and South East Asia.

In 1994 Mr. Baca became Director of Marketing and Strategy at Telecom Argentina, the telecommunications operator created after the privatization of the telephony services in Argentina. Later he was appointed Chief Operations Officer with the organization's 15,000 employees under his purview.

In 2003 Mr. Baca became the CEO of Telecarrier Inc., a leading provider of telecommunications and data center services in Central America where he served until joining WFP in October 2006.