"Umoja is designed to help harmonize the way the UN works, providing a single data repository with reliable, real-time information. It is far more than an Information Technology project; it is an organizational transformation that will enable high-quality and cost-effective service delivery around the world." 

- Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

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Umoja means “unity” in Swahili. Umoja is a complete re-working of the way the United Nations Secretariat manages its administration, in both business processes and Information Technology solutions. 

It will deeply transform our work patterns, how we conduct our business and how we manage our resources. At the center of this transformation is the implementation of leading-edge Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that will provide a harmonized and streamlined approach to the Organization’s management of finance, human resources, procurement and assets.


Umoja Deployment

until Umoja Integration deploys at Cluster 3

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  • Umoja Blackout Periods in May 2015

    There are two planned Umoja blackout periods that will occur in May 2015 to support the Production Cutover for Cluster 3 Entities. During these two below blackout periods, the Umoja System will be...

  • Umoja Business Intelligence: Helping to Transform the UN

    Umoja Business Intelligence is a key part of the new UN ERP system. It gives management and staff quick and easy self-service access to reporting tools and data from Umoja and other enterprise...

  • February 2015 Newsletter

    831472945no Umoja is the innovative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution being deployed across the UN. While you may have already heard of Umoja, a couple important questions remain for many:...

  • Umoja Deployment Guide (2015) released as a Wiki on Unite Connections

    We are pleased to announce that the official Umoja Deployment Guide for Clusters 3 and 4 has been revised, updated and converted into a new Wiki on the Umoja community on Unite Connections. The...

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