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Manager Self-Service Training Checklist:  

MSS Tutorials & Simulations are available in the Umoja Self-Service Center : MSS Self-Service Tutorials 

Manager Self-Service (MSS) Courses are available on 

Inspira Course # Course TypeSubject/Title 
LMS-2003-1Tutorial (simulation/work instruction)Approving leave request
LMS-2004-1Tutorial (simulation/work instruction) Assigning a secondary time manager


Additional Training (Not Mandatory):

These courses are overview/navigational courses, to be taken on a self-service basis. To count towards personal curriculum completion (i.e. in order for users to get provisioned Umoja access), courses must be taken through the inspira portal.  For all other uses, they are publicly available by clicking below:

 Click for Umoja Level 1 and 2 : Computer-based Courses

These courses are at an advanced, transactional-level and intended to be studied in an instructor-led environment. The courses may also contain links to simulations which can only be viewed if you are on the UN network. Some courses also have User Guides available for download. These are printable documents which include all of the detailed processes, transactional steps, and reference material for their respective course. These courses will each be followed by assessments, surveys and certificates which confirm that one has passed the training. 

 Click for Umoja Level 3 : Advanced Courses