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Course LevelCourse #Inspira #Course TitleUser Guide
Introduction & Navigation
Level One101LMS-1335Umoja Overview 
Level One101LMS-2167Umoja Overview en Español 
Level One102LMS-1336Umoja Master Data & Coding Block Overview 
Level Two201LMS-1354Umoja ECC Navigation 
Level Two202LMS-1355Umoja SRM Navigation 
Level Two211LMS-1714Umoja Employee Self Service (ESS) Basic Navigation  
Level Two211LMS-2199Umoja Employee Self Service (ESS) Basic Navigation en Español 
Level Two203LMS-1356Umoja BI Navigation 
Level Three301LMS-1289Umoja Advanced BI Navigation 
Facilities and Fixed Asset Management
Level One109LMS-1326Umoja Real Estate Management Overview 
Level Three324LMS-1569Umoja Lease Administration Process 
Level Three325LMS-1568Umoja Real Estate Portfolio Management 
Level Three332LMS-1332Umoja Asset AccountingUser Guide: Asset Accounting
Level Three370LMS-1946Umoja Assets Under ConstructionUser Guide: Assets Under Construction
Financial Accounting
Level One113LMS-1347Umoja Accounts Payable Overview 
Level One115LMS-1349Umoja Accounts Receivable Overview 
Level One118LMS-1352Umoja Asset Accounting Overview 
Level Three308LMS-1304Umoja General Ledger ProcessUser Guide: General Ledger
Level Three321LMS-1323Umoja Accounts Payable ProcessUser Guide: Accounts Payable
Level Three330LMS-1330Umoja Accounts Receivable Process 
Level Three334LMS-1566Umoja Month End Closing Process 
Level Three371LMS-1947Umoja Bank ReconciliationUser Guide: Bank Reconciliation
Funds and Cost Management
Level One104LMS-1338Umoja Funds Management Overview 
Level One108LMS-1342Umoja Cost and Management Accounting Overview 
Level Three309LMS-1303Umoja Budget Distribution 
Level Three310LMS-1564Umoja Budget Implementation 
Level Three314LMS-1308Umoja Cost and Management Accounting Process 
Grants and Project Management
Level One106LMS-1340Umoja Grants Management Overview 
Level Three311LMS-1306Umoja Grants Management Process - Framework IUser Guide: Grants Framework I
Level Three312LMS-1571Umoja Grants Management Process - Framework IIUser Guide: Grants Framework II
Level Three313LMS-1931Umoja Grants Management - Passthrough Grant Execution 
Level Three315LMS-1307Umoja Project Management ProcessUser Guide: Project Management
Human Resources Administration
Level One153LMS-1715Umoja Organizational Management Overview 
Level One121LMS-1443Umoja Requesting and Managing Services for Consultant and IC's Overview 
Level Three341LMS-1529Umoja Requesting Services of Consultants and IC's ProcessUser Guide: Requesting Consultants and IC's
Human Resources Administration3134 Umoja Organizational Management for OM Administrators 
Human Resources Administration3135 Umoja Organizational Management for Central Budget Staff 
Human Resources Administration3136 Umoja Organizational Management for Job Specialists 
Logistics Execution
Level One112 Umoja Logistics Overview (Peacekeeping) 
Level One123LMS-1920Umoja Logistics Overview (Non-Peacekeeping) 
Level Three320 Umoja Inbound Goods Process (Peacekeeping) 
Level Three350LMS-1938Umoja Inbound Goods Process (Non-Peacekeeping)User Guide: Inbound Goods (non-PK)
Level Three339LMS-1935Umoja Local Inventory Goods MovementUser Guide: Local Inventory Movement
Level Three340 Umoja Warehouse ManagementUser Guide: Warehouse Management
Level Three342LMS-1570Umoja Service Receipt Process - Non HR 
Level Three351LMS-1939Umoja Inventory Counting and ControllingUser Guide: Inventory Counting/Controlling
Master Data Maintenance
Level One102LMS-1336Umoja Master Data & Coding Block Overview 
Level One126LMS-1929Umoja Material Master Data Overview 
Level Three344 Umoja Financial Master Data Maintenance 
Level Three345 Umoja Business Partner Individual Maintenance 
Level Three346 Umoja Business Partner Treasury Maintenance 
Level Three347 Umoja Business Partner Third Party Maintenance 
Level Three348 Umoja Supply Chain Master Data Maintenance 
Level Three349 Umoja Business Partner Commercial Maintenance 
Level Three355 Umoja Business Partner Bank Data Maintenance 
Level Three3141LMS-1736Umoja Payroll Master Data Maintenance 
Payroll and Benefits Management
Level Three3125LMS-1888Umoja Benefits Employee Self-Service (ESS) Overview 
Level Three3126LMS-1732Umoja Medical and Life Insurance Administration 
Level Three3141LMS-1736Umoja Payroll Master Data Maintenance 
Security125 Umoja Security Overview 
Security302 Umoja Security GRC Analysis 
Security303 Umoja Global Index Number Request and Approval 
Security303 Umoja Security User Provisioning and Identity Management 
Services Delivery and Property Management
Level One119LMS-1775Umoja Property Management Overview 
Level One158LMS-2175Umoja Services Delivery Overview 
Level Three329LMS-1527Umoja Services to Public and Staff (Clusters 1 and 2 only) 
Level Three335LMS-1932Umoja Equipment Management 
Level Three337LMS-1934Umoja Corrective Maintenance 
Level Three360LMS-1940Umoja Equipment Transfer 
Level Three361LMS-1941Umoja Equipment Write-Off and Disposal 
Level Three390 Umoja Service Order ManagementUser Guide: Service Order Management
Level Three391 Umoja Sales and DistributionUser Guide: Sales and Distribution
Source to Acquire (Procurement)
Level One110LMS-1344Umoja Requisitioning Overview 
Level One111LMS-1345Umoja Procurement Overview 
Level One126LMS-1929Umoja Material Master Data Overview 
Level Three318LMS-1320Umoja RequisitioningUser Guide: Requisitioning
Level Three319LMS-1325Umoja SolicitationsUser Guide: Solicitations
Level Three323LMS-1487Umoja Requisitioning and Procurement Approvals 
Level Three326LMS-1327Umoja Low Value Acquisitions 
Level Three328LMS-1328Umoja Contract and PO CreationUser Guide: Contract and PO Creation
Travel Management
Level One155LMS-1737Umoja Travel Overview 
Level Three3142LMS-1996Umoja Create Official Travel Request 
Level Three3144LMS-1997Umoja Create HR and Entitlement Travel Request 
Level Three3145 Umoja Create Travel Request for Uniformed Personnel 
Level Three3146LMS-1998Umoja Create Shipment Request of Personal Items 
Level Three3147LMS-1999Umoja Process Expense Report 
Level Three3150LMS-1959Umoja Travel Finance Integration 
Level Three3149LMS-1958Umoja Travel Ticket BillingUser Guide: Ticket Billing
Treasury and Cash Management
Level One105LMS-1339Umoja Cash Management and Treasury Overview 
Level Three316LMS-1309Umoja Cash and Liquidity Management 
Level Three322LMS-1324Umoja Payment Processing (Cashiers)User Guide: Payment Processing
Level Three331 Umoja Investment Accounting  
Level Three346 Umoja Business Partner - Treasury Maintenance 


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