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Blog: Preparing to deploy - Umoja visits Geneva (Umoja Website)
Ian Divers, OIC, and other members of the Umoja team travelled to Geneva last week for two days of discussion on its deployment strategy with the Directors of Administration of the three Offices Away …
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Blog: Umoja - Laying the Foundation for deployment (Umoja Website)
Recently Umoja hosted colleagues from DFS to consult and collaborate on the strategy for deployment. Over two days on 19-20 January, Ian Divers, Umoja OIC, and his team led intensive discussions in Ne…
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Blog: Umoja kicks-off site implementation preparations with workshop for mission representatives (Umoja Website)
Representatives from field missions attended a workshop hosted by Umoja at the United Nations Global Support Center in Brindisi, Italy from 12 to 17 November 2012. These representatives have been nomi…
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Blog: Umoja Pilot workshop at UNIFIL, UNSCOL - a comprehensive introduction to the journey ahead (Umoja Website)
The Umoja project is on schedule and making significant progress towards UN system-wide deployment, over the next three years. Umoja will change the way the United Nations conducts all its administrat…
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