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Blog: "Train the Trainer" (Countdown Space)
Umoja "Train the Trainer" programmes are in progress at Brindisi and Entebbe. 
Blog: "Umoja is Happening", follow-up interview with Mr. Girish Sinha, DMS of UNIFIL (Countdown Space)
“Umoja is happening. We have successfully implemented it at UNIFIL through hard work, teamwork and collaboration”. Read the full interview on our website
Blog: 1 July 2014 (Countdown Space)
Pilot of Umoja Extension 1 at MINUSTAH and implementation of Umoja Real Estate Management at various UN offices around the globe!
Blog: 1 Nov 2013 (Countdown Space)
3,000 UN Staff Members around the globe will become end-users of Umoja, managing procurement, logistics and supply chain for all UN Peacekeeping Missions using Enterprise Resource Planning. Welcome to…
Blog: April 2013 Newsletter (Umoja Website)
The April 2013 Umoja Newsletter is now published and available here!               <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> <title>Umoja Newsletter April</titl…
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Blog: Communities of Practice (COP) (Countdown Space)
"Umoja Talk" is the official online COP for the Umoja global team to discuss Umoja, ask questions, advise and consult with other users and experts, and access a variety of reference material and infor…
Blog: Deployment Timeline (Countdown Space)
Visit the Umoja website to check out the Interactive Deployment Timeline. Use the search filter to type in your entity and find out when your location will be deploying Umoja. 
Blog: Facebook (Countdown Space)
We have hit almost 3000 likes on our Umoja Facebook page! Follow us on facebook to see regular updates and activities happening with Umoja. 
Blog: From the Secretary-General (Countdown Space)
"Umoja is an integral part of management reform for the Organization. I look forward to working with all staff around the world to continue building the United Nations of the future – a more effective…
Blog: HR Factsheets (Countdown Space)
Available on the website now,