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Blog: From Planning to Deployment; the Umoja 2013 Year End review
This year, Umoja became a reality for the UN Secretariat with its Pilot launch at UNIFIL and UNSCOL in Lebanon in July 2013 and successful deployment to all Peacekeeping Missions in November 2013. Ove…
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Blog: New Umoja "Daily Dose" Dashboard and Countdown Clock
A newly redesigned version of the Umoja countdown clock has been launched on monitors at UN Headquarters as the Umoja "Daily Dose": a dynamic dashboard which will feature all the latest news regarding…
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Blog: Special event with SG Ban Ki-moon: 100 Days until the first deployment of Umoja (iSeek article)
There are just over 100 days remaining until Umoja (Foundation) is deployed at the United Nations Interim Force (UNIFIL) and the Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator (UNSCOL) in Lebanon, i…
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Blog: Umoja and Data Cleansing Efforts by the Peacekeeping Missions
Umoja will provide significant improvements to the way the Organization manages its operations, by harmonizing and centralizing access to important data across all UN duty stations. Once Umoja (Founda…
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Blog: Umoja SAP will be unavailable from 24 Feb. until 1 March; IMIS blackout (Cluster 2 Missions) from 21 Feb. until 1 March
Urgent Announcement for All Umoja Users (Peacekeeping and UNHQ) All Umoja Production Systems will be unavailable to PK Missions and UNHQ Staff from 24 February - 1 March 2014.  Payroll and related pay…
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Blog: Webcast and Photos from Umoja Countdown Unveiling by the Secretary-General
On the occasion of “100 Days until Umoja Pilot at UNIFIL and UNSCOL” Umoja held a special event in the Secretariat Lobby at UN Headquarters inNew Yorkon Monday 25 March at 12:00 noon, moderated by Ern…
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