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Blog: Give the ERP Project a name and win an iPod
By now most of us have seen or heard the acronym "ERP", which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning – but are you familiar with what an ERP system is and what it will do to support the UN? The ERP P…
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Blog: Name the Enterprise Resource Planning Project and win an iPod - Four finalists announced!
On 23 October 2008, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Project launched a five-day contest challenging staff to come up with a name that embodies the promise and expectations behind the proposed E…
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Blog: Umoja to bring unity to the way we work
The suspense is over! The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system now has a name: "Umoja" (pronounced oo-MO-jah), which means "unity" or "together" in several African languages, including Swahili an…
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