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Process AreaJob Aid TitleLast Updated
NavigationHow to Access the Training Environment4-Nov-15
NavigationUpload Attachments in Umoja28-May-15
NavigationExport ECC Report to Spreadsheet11-Nov-13
NavigationAdd Transaction to Favorites11-Nov-13
NavigationCommon Icons in Umoja28-Oct-13
WorkflowHow to Avoid Locking Workflow Documents (and Payment Batches)24-Jul-14
UNDPUNDP Financial Authorizations29-Jul-15
Employee Self-Service
Time ManagementHome Leave Request24-Jul-14
Time ManagementRest and Recuperation (R&R) Leave Request10-Jul-14
Time ManagementAnnual Leave Request24-Jul-14
Time ManagementMaternity Leave Request25-Jul-14
Time ManagementPaternity Leave Request25-Jul-14
On BoardingOn Boarding PR Create Index Number Approval25-Jul-14
On BoardingOn Boarding PR Create Index Number Request25-Jul-14
Facilities Management
Real EstateSales Based Lease Out31-Oct-13
Real EstateLease Out30-Oct-13
Real EstateLease In29-Oct-13
Real EstateCash Flow Report21-Aug-15
Real EstateChange Report21-Aug-15
Real EstateContract Renewals, Execution, Report13-Oct-15
Real EstateCreate BP or Extend BP Role21-Aug-15
Real EstateExpire RE Objects21-Aug-15
Real EstateRE Invoices21-Aug-15
Real EstateMass BP Update21-Aug-15
Real EstateMeasurements Report21-Aug-15
Real EstateObject Groups and Measurements21-Aug-15
Real EstateObjects Requiring Approval21-Aug-15
Real EstateOrg Assignment Mass Change21-Aug-15
Real EstatePerioding Posting21-Aug-15
Real EstateRegenerating Cash Flow Multi-Year EMF21-Aug-15
Real EstateSales Based Settlement21-Aug-15
Real EstateSales Reports Entry21-Aug-15
Real EstateSearch BP21-Aug-15
Real EstateUpload RE Attachments21-Aug-15
Real EstateView and Search FLocs21-Aug-15
Real EstateContract Approvals28-Oct-13
Financial Accounting
GeneralFormatting ECC Finance Reports4-Nov-13
GeneralRun Cash Balances GM Budget Release Report4-Nov-13
UNDPUNDP Advance and Reconciliation20-Aug-15
General LedgerChart of Accounts3-Mar-14
General LedgerP1E 100 Coding Block3-Mar-14
General LedgerBank Reconciliation of Transfers & Remittances27-Jan-14
Accounts PayableClearing of Payroll Account11-Jul-14
Accounts PayableRetrieve MIR7 Invoice5-Dec-13
Accounts PayableMIR7 Cheat Sheet21-Nov-13
Accounts PayableAccess AP Report5-Nov-13
Accounts PayableCash Journal Ongoing Operations10-Nov-14
Accounts PayableClearing Cash Journal Conversion Entries4-Nov-13
Accounts PayableRetention for Converted Balances4-Nov-13
Accounts PayableCorrection For IOV Without Business Area1-Aug-13
Accounts PayableFinal Pay Retention1-Aug-13
Accounts PayablePayment Method Determination Cheat Sheet1-Aug-13
Accounts PayableCheat Sheet for Clearing of Downpayment for PO Invoice1-Aug-13
Accounts PayableCreation of Credit Notes to Ensure Payment Netting30-Oct-14
Accounts PayablePayment List paid in Cash (General)10-Nov-14
Accounts PayablePayment List paid in Cash (ICs and Consultants)10-Nov-14
Accounts PayableTransferring Recoverable from one Business Area to another Business Area13-Nov-14
Accounts ReceivableHow to Review Standard Orders and Process Billing8-Jul-15
Period ClosingHow to Process Expense Accruals in Umoja19-Aug-14
Period ClosingHow to Review Parked Documents16-Oct-14
Fixed Assets Management
Asset Accounting1 ECC Reports5-Aug-15
Asset Accounting2.1 Manual Creation of Fixed Assets (Current Year)24-Oct-15
Asset Accounting2.2 Asset Acquisitions Related to Prior Years24-Oct-15
Assets Under Construction3. Assets Under Construction2-Oct-15
Asset Accounting4.1 Retirement of Assets29-Oct-15
Asset Accounting4.2 Retirement of Incorrectly Capitalized Asset29-Oct-15
Asset Accounting5 Transfer of Assets29-Oct-15
Asset Accounting6 Impairment of Assets29-Oct-15
Assets Under ConstructionRecording AUC (Peacekeeping & SPM while Galileo is in Use)14-Aug-14
Asset AccountingReference Table: Asset Retirement-Impairment-Transfer29-Oct-15
Asset AccountingSamples of Notifications relevant to Asset Accounting29-Oct-15
Asset AccountingAsset Transfer Sample Test Report Export29-Oct-15
Asset AccountingAsset Transfer Sample Posted Report Export29-Oct-15
Asset AccountingSample of Generated Transfer Upload Text File29-Oct-15
Asset AccountingZAA_MASS_TFR Template29-Oct-15
Funds and Cost Management
AllotmentsAdvance Allotment and Initial Allotment26-Jun-15
Budget DistributionFMBB28-Oct-13
Budget DistributionRedeployment in Funds Management15-Jun-15
Budget ImplementationView Budget Availability Report2-Dec-13
Budget ImplementationEarmarked Funds (v5)2-Jul-15
Budget ImplementationEarmarked Funds Changes and Workflow (v3.1)2-Jul-15
Cost and Management AccountingControlling Cost And Management Accounting28-Oct-13
Grants and Project Management
Grants ManagementGrants Management Process28-Oct-13
Grants ManagementGrants Billing Process5-Nov-15
Grants ManagementGrants Management Budgeting - Sponsored Program Settings5-Nov-15
Project ManagementUsage of T-code ZPJWBS18-Aug-14
Project ManagementUsage of T-code CJ20N for Project Creation18-Sep-14
Project ManagementUsage of T-code CJ20N to Update System Status5-Jun-15
Project ManagementUsage of T-code CJ20N to Update User Status5-Jun-15
Human Resources Administration
HR & TravelCreate HR Mini Master Record16-Jun-15
Consultants and Independent ContractorsCreate and Accept Multiple SES for Consultant and IC Services2-Jul-15
Organizational ManagementCreate Org Unit20-Oct-15
Organizational ManagementCreate Position with Funding20-Oct-15
Organizational ManagementMaintain Position20-Oct-15
Personnel Action (Non-Staff)Administration of Consultants and Individual Contractors28-Jul-14
Personnel Action (Non-Staff)Annex 1 - CIC Shopping Cart Simulation24-Jul-14
Personnel Action (Non-Staff)Annex 2 - CIC Enter Non-Staff (Consultant)24-Jul-14
Personnel Action (Non-Staff)Annex 3 - CIC Create Purchase Order Simulation24-Jul-14
Personnel Action (Non-Staff)Annex 4 - CIC Maintain Non-Staff (Consultant)24-Jul-14
Personnel Action (Non-Staff)Annex 5 - CIC- Exit Consultant24-Jul-14
Human Resources AdministrationUmoja Organizational Management for OM Administrators#N/A
Human Resources AdministrationUmoja Organizational Management for Central Budget Staff#N/A
Human Resources AdministrationUmoja Organizational Management for Job Specialists#N/A
Logistics Execution
GeneralUmoja Supply Chain FAQ (Peacekeeping)5-Mar-14
GeneralFind Legacy PO's19-Nov-13
GeneralList of Incoterms31-Oct-13
GeneralReprint MB90 (Peacekeeping Only)31-Oct-13
Inbound GoodsUpdate Inbound Delivery Document13-Oct-15
Inbound GoodsDeleting an Inbound Delivery5-Mar-14
Inbound GoodsInbound Goods Process (Peacekeeping Only)28-Oct-13
Inbound GoodsInbound Deliveriess Report (VL06I)28-May-15
Inbound GoodsDirect Goods Receipt28-May-15
Inbound GoodsPrinting Barcode Labels28-May-15
Inbound GoodsPrinting GR Slip28-May-15
Inbound GoodsIssuance of Fixed Asset Materials for Consumption28-May-15
Inbound GoodsInspection of Inventory and Consumable Items1-Jun-15
Service ReceiptService Receipt Process (Service Entry Sheet)1-Jun-14
Service ReceiptAdd Attachment to Service Entry Sheet5-Dec-13
Inventory ManagementHow To Create, Certify and Approve Reservations for Inventory28-May-15
Inventory ManagementStock Reservation List (MB25)28-May-15
Warehouse ManagementGoods Movement Reversal in WM28-May-15
Master Data Maintenance#N/A
Master Data ManagementUmoja Master Data & Coding Block Overview#N/A
Master Data MaintenanceUmoja Financial Master Data Maintenance#N/A
Master Data MaintenanceUmoja Business Partner - Individual Maintenance#N/A
Master Data MaintenanceUmoja Business Partner - Third Party#N/A
Master Data MaintenanceUmoja Asset, Inventory and Equipment Master Data Maintenance#N/A
Master Data MaintenanceUmoja Business Partner - Commercial Maintenance#N/A
Master Data MaintenanceUmoja Business Partner - Bank Data Maintenance#N/A
Master Data Maintenance
Business PartnersReviewers and Approvers21-Nov-13
Business PartnersDisplay and Request BP11-Nov-13
Business PartnersIndividual BP Maintenance30-Oct-13
Business PartnersStandard BP Functions30-Oct-13
Business PartnersCreate HR Mini Master Record16-Jun-15
SecurityUmoja Security Overview#N/A
SecurityUmoja Security GRC Analysis#N/A
SecurityUmoja Global Index Number Request and Approval#N/A
SecurityUmoja Security User Provisioning and Identity Management#N/A
Services Delivery
Property ManagementEquipment Creation Post Go-Live3-Jun-15
Property ManagementEquipment Maintenance with No Service Order Requirement1-Jun-15
Property ManagementEquipment Update1-Jun-15
Property ManagementAssign Equipment3-Jun-15
Property ManagementEquipment Mass Change20-Oct-15
Service Order ManagementService Order Confirmation3-Jun-15
Service Order ManagementService Order Operation Entry1-Jun-15
Service Order ManagementSLA Work Order8-Jun-15
Source to Acquire (Procurement)
GeneralList of Incoterms31-Oct-13
GeneralUsage of SRM Approver Substitution Rule2-Jun-14
GeneralUmoja Supply Chain FAQ (Peacekeeping)5-Mar-14
RequisitioningProduct Category Contracts5-Dec-13
RequisitioningCreate Letter of Assist28-Oct-13
RequisitioningRequisitioning Lease in Space Rental6-Feb-14
RequisitioningSDS Equipment Transfer 26-Feb-14
RequisitioningSDS Process Flow26-Feb-14
RequisitioningSDS Transfer and Accounting in Umoja26-Feb-14
RequisitioningProcessing of Transactions Related to Rations & Fuel (PK & SPM)26-Aug-14
SolicitationsUpload Bids to RFx28-Oct-13
SolicitationsUsage of UN Fields in the Bid Invitation5-Mar-14
SolicitationsUsage of UN Fields in the RFx Form15-Mar-15
SolicitationsFunctionality of Workload Re-Distribution and Sourcing Cockpit6-May-14
SolicitationsCommercial Supplier Management in Umoja6-May-14
Contract/PO CreationChange Contract Owner in SRM10-Aug-15
Contract/PO CreationSRM - Change the BILL TO Address17-Apr-15
Contract/PO CreationChanging Item Types on legacy POs5-Mar-14
Contract/PO CreationCommercial Vendor Reports in ECC5-Mar-14
Contract/PO CreationConvert Bidder to Supplier - Updated Process9-Oct-14
Contract/PO CreationPO Back end errors and resolution actions5-Mar-14
Contract/PO CreationProcedure for Contract Cancellation10-Mar-14
Contract/PO CreationUsage of UN Fields in the Purchase Order Form9-Sep-14
Contract/PO CreationUser of locations in procurement documents5-Mar-14
Contract/PO CreationViewing links between Pos and Contracts5-Mar-14
Contract/PO CreationProcurement Indicators Health Checks4-Jun-14
Contract/PO CreationME2N - Display List of Purchasing Documents21-Jul-14
Contract/PO CreationSRM Remove Contract Lines from Catalogue13-Jan-15
Travel Management
Self-Service RequestsCreate Official Travel Request1-Jun-15
Self-Service RequestsCreate Entitlement Travel Request17-Jun-15
Self-Service RequestsCreate HR Travel Request17-Jun-15
Self-Service RequestsCreate Shipment Request17-Jun-15
Self-Service RequestsCreate Expense Report8-Sep-15
Travel Finance ClaimsTravel Finance Claims26-Jul-15
Ticket BillingTicket Billing26-Jul-15
HR & TravelCreate HR Mini Master Record16-Jun-15
Treasury and Cash Management
GeneralGeneral Treasury Info5-Dec-13
Petty CashPetty Cash13-May-15
Payment ProcessingEFT Payment Methods1-Jul-15
Payment ProcessingHow to Improve Performance for FPRL_LIST18-Dec-13
Payment ProcessingCheque Printing Guide8-Dec-13
Payment ProcessingTransitional Process for Consultant/IC Payment25-Nov-13
Payment ProcessingRequest to Cashier to Disburse Payroll Payments18-Nov-13
Payment ProcessingHow To Find Payments4-Nov-13
Payment ProcessingPayment Run Troubleshooting Guide4-Nov-13
Payment ProcessingProgen Payroll16-Jan-15
Payment ProcessingException Payment Processing28-Oct-13
Payment ProcessingInternational Banking Exceptions28-Oct-13
Payment ProcessingPayment Format For Bank Communication28-Oct-13
Payment ProcessingRejected Payments Procedure21-Jan-14
Payment ProcessingPayment in currency other than invoice currency27-Jan-14
Payment ProcessingHow to Identify Who Has Locked a Payment Batch24-Jul-14
Payment ProcessingSame currency transfer from UN Bank to UN Bank7-Feb-14



Job Aid TitleLast Updated
Types of Travel in Umoja5-Nov-15
Travel Expense Types6-Nov-15
Official Travel where no Request is Required6-Nov-15
Employee Self-Service
Create Entitlement Travel Request (UN Paid Ticket)5-Nov-15
Create Entitlement Travel Request (Lump Sum Option)6-Nov-15
Acceptance of Lump Sum Option6-Nov-15
Create HR Travel Request5-Nov-15
Create Official Travel Request5-Nov-15
Create Expense Report6-Nov-15
Create Standalone Expense Report6-Nov-15
Check the Status of a Travel Request5-Nov-15
Create Request for Self-Ticketing6-Nov-15
Create Rest and Recuperation Travel6-Nov-15
Create Shipment Request6-Nov-15
Create Shipment Request without Travel Request6-Nov-15
Create Travel Combining Two Different Travel Categories6-Nov-15
Create Within Mission Travel6-Nov-15
Delete or Cancel Travel Request6-Nov-15
Travel at No Cost to UN6-Nov-15
How to add New City to Travel Portal6-Nov-15
Travel on UNHAS Flights6-Nov-15
Travel Request by Privately Owned Vehicle (POV)6-Nov-15
Travel Administrator
Add a New Event in Umoja Travel Portal5-Nov-15
Request HR Mini Master Form5-Nov-15
Create HR Mini Master Record5-Nov-15
Create Travel on Behalf of5-Nov-15
Create a Meeting Participant Travel with Copy Functionality6-Nov-15
HR Partner
Approve Travel Request6-Nov-15
Travel and Shipment Approver (TSA)
Create a Funds Commitment6-Nov-15
Approve a Travel Advance above TSA Threshold6-Nov-15
Forward a Request to another TSA6-Nov-15
Travel Processing Officer (TPO)
Approve Travel Combining Two Different Travel Categories5-Nov-15
Process Lump Sum Quotation5-Nov-15
Approval of Travel Request within and over the threshold attributed to the Travel Processing Officer6-Nov-15
Enter Ticket Refund6-Nov-15
Forward a Request to another TPO6-Nov-15
Travel Claims Processor
Travel Finance Claims26-Jul-15
Ticket Billing26-Jul-15
Offline Forms (for travel arranged on-behalf of the traveller)