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Urgent Announcement for All Umoja Users (Peacekeeping and UNHQ)

All Umoja Production Systems will be unavailable to PK Missions and UNHQ Staff from 24 February - 1 March 2014. 

Payroll and related payment activities for the month of February need to be planned accordingly. Please see below for full instructions for all Payroll and Cashiers Teams.

Please be advised that as part of the conversion from IMIS to Umoja for all Umoja Cluster 2 missions it is necessary to enter a blackout period in which no transactions are processed in IMIS. Please see below for full information on the IMIS Blackout period.

Umoja Downtime to allow for upload of Cluster 2 Data from 24 February at 12:00 PM (noon) NY time  to 1 March 2014 at 1:00 AM, NY time 

During this time data for Cluster 2 missions will be uploaded into SAP. Users will not be able to access Umoja and will not be able to process or query any transactions in the system. This also applies to all users in missions and UNHQ. The system will become available again on Saturday, 1 March 2014 at 01:00 AM NY time. 

IMIS Blackout

Please be advised that as part of the conversion from IMIS to Umoja for all Umoja Cluster 2 missions it is necessary to enter a blackout period in which no transactions are processed in IMIS. This blackout period will allow the extraction of the data from IMIS for conversion into Umoja. This blackout period in IMIS is enacted by staff members including managers not processing transactions in IMIS, unless directly related to production cut-over activities. The IMIS system will be physically available throughout the period. The period of the IMIS blackout will be from 8:00 pm (NY) on Friday 21 February 2014 until 01 March 2014. 

Please continue to monitor our website at regularly for information on future Umoja availability. 

Provisions required from Mission Payroll and Cashier Teams

All Payroll interface activities and related payment processing must be finished in advance, and must be 100% completed by Sunday, 23 February 2014 11:30 PM NY Time, at the latest. 

Please keep this in mind, and plan to complete the February Payroll processing in time to allow the Treasury in UN HQ New York, and Cashiers in your Mission to complete all Payment related tasks before 23 February. Make sure to coordinate Payroll and Cashiers activities, especially considering the time required for bank transfers or any other special arrangements that must take place, like physical transport of cash. Unless you have already done that, kindly inform the Payroll Section in UNHQ New York of your February Payroll Schedule for all payroll groups, at the soonest, including the International Staff MPO scheduled processing date.

Kindly be mindful of the workload for the Treasury and Cashiers, related to the international bank transfers, making sure that sufficient time is allocated for numerous related Payment Runs, and times required for these activities and bank processing as well. 

It is essential to complete Payment Documents and submit Payroll Release Requests as per the deadline advised by the Treasury, in order to ensure all payments to personnel are completed before this Downtime starts.
Keeping in mind the dependence of Payroll Interfaces and Payment Runs on accuracy and completeness of Business Partners records, and their associated Banking Data, you should have already ensured that any changes, corrections and new arrivals for Business Partners are initiated, completed and validated well in advance of the actual Payroll processing.

All reports generated from Umoja must be completed by 23 February 2014, and any information that you may need during the Downtime period has to be extracted and confirmed before the period starts.

Kindly note attached documents providing guidance on the activities, responsibilities and documentation during the Downtime.

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  • Umoja SAP will be unavailable from 24 Feb. until 1 March; IMIS blackout (Cluster 2 Missions) from 21 Feb. until 1 March
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