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Official Umoja Training is held on the e-learning platform inspira and in classrooms at each site.

In order to become a certified user of Umoja, all users who have been mapped to Enterprise Roles must complete Level 1, 2 and 3 Umoja Training courses through the e-learning platform on inspira, followed by assessments, surveys and certificates issued through inspira.

Umoja Training will begin approximately 4-6 weeks prior to Umoja deployment at each site. See the Umoja Interactive Timeline to find out when Umoja will be implemented at your location. 

The Umoja Training material has also been made available for review purposes below. 
Please note that reviewing Umoja Training material on this website will not certify users. 

Umoja (Foundation) Pilot Training Courses


Level 3: Advanced Courses

Level 3 training is available for review on the Umoja iSeek Training page for UN staff only.

These courses are at an advanced, transactional-level and intended to be studied in an instructor-led environment.
They can only be viewed while browsing on the UN network.


Need help?

For technical questions about inspira and the e-learning platform, please go to the  inspira website and follow their instructions for technical help.

For questions regarding the training curriculum, Enterprise Roles, or other questions, go to your site coordinator. Your site coordinator will contact the Umoja project at for assistance. Please include the word TRAINING in the subject line.

 Reference Material

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