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As early as this June, Umoja will begin deploying throughout the global Secretariat and by the end of 2015, all UN staff members will manage their personal information using Umoja Self-Service  Umoja Podcast will feature monthly interviews with UN senior officials, key stakeholders and staff at large who will share their insight about Umoja and how it will affect the Organization.

LISTEN  :  Episode 1 -  Ernesto Baca 

On this first rendition of the Umoja Podcast, Umoja ASG, Ernesto Baca, sits down for an interview with Helga Leifsdottir, Chief of iSeek (the UN intranet), at the UN Radio studios at UN Headquarters. Mr. Baca shares his thoughts about the initiative, which “will touch the lives of 100,000 UN colleagues".

Watch for updates every Thursday on the deployment of Umoja on the UN intranet, iSeek. 

You can find the downloadable file in Unite Connections.

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