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Access for UN staff only



Beginning in June 2015, UN Staff around the globe will begin using Umoja to submit transactions related to their time and attendance and entitlements through Self-Service.

The information on this page is intended to provide users with basic tutorials that will help get you set up and ready to start using Umoja Employee Self Service.

Please note! Reviewing training materials on the Umoja website does NOT constitute official Umoja training and does not count toward certification on any transactional role in Umoja. For certification and official training, please visit and search for Umoja courses, or speak with the Training Coordinator at your entity.

For instructions on logging in to Umoja for the first time, see the Umoja User Quick Guide.

Please note: to access Umoja simulations, you must be on UN LAN connection, or have a Unite Identity account (EIDMS) activated to login from an external computer. You can register or reset your Unite Identity password at

Time and Attendance

» Leave Requests

» Rental Subsidy Requests

» Dependency Requests


Umoja Employee Self Service (ESS) Navigation - Official Training on inspira

These slides are taken from the official Umoja training course on inspira NV211 - Umoja Employee Self Service Portal (ESS) Basic Navigation).

For simulations and work instructions on specific functions within Umoja ESS, please see below sections on Time and Entitlements.

  1. Key Terminology
  2. Getting Started
  3. System Log On (click here for Simulation)
  4. Umoja Navigational Elements (click here for Simulation)
    1. Menu Bar
    2. Role Toolbar
    3. Navigation Bar
    4. Workflow
    5. Content Area
    6. Screen Elements
  5. System Messages
  6. Document Management
  7. Saving Your Work in Umoja ESS
  8. ESS Home Page Overview
  9. Workflow in ESS Portal
  10. Payroll Lock
  11. Umoja Employee Self Service SM