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Access for UN staff only




Umoja Transactional End-User Training is held on the UN’s e-learning platform, inspira, as well as through Computer Based Trainings (CBTs) or in-person classroom sessions at each deploying entity.

To become a certified user of Umoja, Levels 1, 2 and 3 Training courses must be taken through the e-learning platform on inspira.  These courses will each be followed by assessments, surveys and certificates which confirm that one has passed the training.  The certificates are issued through inspira

Umoja Transactional End User Training will begin approximately 4-6 weeks prior to Umoja’s deployment at each site. 

  • Certification is required for all Transactional Users on 

  • Training plan and schedule is managed by the Training Coordinator at each Entity

  • All Umoja Transactional training materials are available for review on Umoja website (does not provide certification)