Access for UN staff only


31 March 2016 
3-4 pm
Conference Room 8, UNHQ

The United Nations Department of Management presents: 
"A Conversation with ASG Stephen Cutts: How and Why a Flexible Workplace"


Flexible Workplace will bring UN Headquarters into a new era, by providing UN Staff the flexibility to choose where and how they work. 

Today, staff is assigned to an individual workstation or office. In Flexible Workplace, most staff members will be assigned to a floor where they can choose from a variety of available workspaces, each optimally designed for different work needs. Staff members will be able to move around between workspaces as their needs change during the work day. There will be workplaces designed for team collaboration, others for individual work, and working lounges for informal or impromptu meetings and social breaks. There will also be more enclosed spaces for private conversations, whether by phone or in person. The Flexible Workplace team is engaging with each impacted department to understand their specific work needs, so that the design of individual floors is tailor-made for the occupants. 

You can learn more about Flexible Workplace at

All Staff  in New York are invited to attend the conversation event to engage in an open and informal dialogue with ASG Steve Cutts, ask questions and learn more about this important topic. Please RSVP HERE

You will be invited to submit questions for Mr. Cutts during the RSVP process (anonymous submission is possible).

This is the first of a new series of informal events by the Department of Management at UNHQ which are intended to provide an open forum for discussion between Staff and Management. DM is working towards an evolving and modern UN ,where Staff and Managers can engage openly on important issues.