Dear Umoja users,

Please note that starting this April 2016, on the 25th of every month, Umoja will issue staff members’ Monthly Time Statement for their review and certification.  Each Monthly Time Statement will reflect the following:

Additionally, on 29 April of each year, Umoja will issue staff members’ Annual Time Statement for their review and certification. The Annual Time Statement reflects all Absences that have been approved for the leave cycle 1 April to 31 March as well as leave balances as of 31 March.

In order for the time statements to accurately reflect leave taken during the previous month/cycle, it is critical for staff members to submit their leave requests on a timely basis and for the Time Managers to approve those requests before the 25 of every month for the monthly Time Statement, and to ensure updates are reflected in the Annual Time Statement.

We would like to remind:

- Staff members to ensure that all their leave requests for the previous month have been submitted using ESS;

- Managers that all Absences/Attendances routed for action for their staff be duly approved/rejected as necessary in ESS before the 25 of every month.

It is key to have your Time Statement up to date. In the case that your Monthly Time Statement does not appear to accurately reflect your leave for the period, you may amend your leave request in ESS or contact your Time Senior Administrator and the changes will be reflected in the Annual Time Statement. Please note that the Monthly Time Statement will not be re-generated to reflect the changes.

Please also note that on 3 April 2016, you have received an email notification to certify your Annual Time Statement. In line with the above and as the Monthly Time Statement for March 2016 will not be available before 25 April 2016, we are kindly requesting you to disregard the email received on 3 April. The existing Annual Time Statement will be removed instantly and you will receive a new email notification on 29 April 2016 to certify your Annual Time Statement for the Cycle 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016. We apologise to those staff members who have already taken action and certified their Annual Time Statement. We kindly request all staff members to certify their Annual Time Statements upon receipt of the email notification on 29 April 2016.

Please refer to the Certify Time Monthly Quick Reference Guide for the specific procedure to certify your Monthly Time Statement. Also, please refer to the ESS/MSS tutorials for additional guidance.   

Thanks in advance for your collaboration in making the Monthly and Annual Time Statement certification exercise as accurate and smooth as possible!

Best regards,

The Umoja Team
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